Went down to London last night for the latest meeting/event/social evening of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London.

Quite a large contingent of people (I believe around 50) went to the Transport Museum first, for a guided tour and talk. When I originally booked my tickets, I didn’t have enough spare cash in the float to go to both sections of the event, so I just booked myself in for the pub part afterwards!

We met at 8pm in the Marquess of Anglesey on Bow Street in Covent Garden, just around the corner from the London Transport Museum, where there was a room booked out for us all upstairs.

A hearty buffet meal was served which everyone seemed to enjoy although I’m a vegetarian and there wasn’t a great deal of variety on that front.

I saw a lot of old faces, people I’ve met, spoken to and got to know quite well on the previous SHSL events I’ve attended, including Ardy of the Baker Street Babes, who I ended up hanging out with for most of the evening.

I also met a few new people too, which is always great. There’s so many members in the Society and not everyone can go to everything so there’s always at least one person I’ve not met yet everytime I go to something!

After eating and mingling for half an hour or so, we all settled down to a fascinating and informative talk by London tour guide Fiona Lukas. She was a good speaker and made it interesting and easy to follow as she told us all about the history of Covent Garden.

It wasn’t particularly a Holmes related talk and she fully admitted she knew very little of the Great Detective, but she did a grand job of throwing in a few references to please the crowd, including the most famous use of Covent Garden in the canon – the Blue Carbuncle.

I had a really good night although it did end a little earlier than I expected (at 10pm) and I had quite a bit of time to kill before my bus at 1am! I ended up going for a drink at the Strand Palace Hotel and using one of their plugs to charge my phone. I was going to keep it canonical and head to Simpson’s, but the prices in there are fairly astronomical!

Anyway, another successful venture into the Holmes world. Saving up for the next big SHSL event now – the Wessex Cup. My money’s on Silver Blaze, obviously.