It was a spectacularly snowy Saturday in Leeds. I’d come straight from London, arriving by coach at 5:30am and spent most of the morning hanging out at the train station drinking copious amounts of coffee whilst Sherlock roleplaying on my phone. At 10am I went to hang out at the library and read a book about Bach, then wandered round the art gallery for half an hour before finally making it to the Victoria pub when it opened just before 12pm.

I was the first to arrive and the manager showed me to a small section he had reserved for the group. We normally have one of two rooms but he was fully booked out that day with a wedding party. I was waiting for about half an hour and initially though I might be the only one coming. We’d already had several people cancel earlier in the morning due to the bad weather, including our trusty leader David Stuart Davies (aka DSD) and his wife Kathryn White. By 1pm though, we had a contingent of seven, including one new face and we held the fort for the Scandalous few.

The Dancing Men quiz was postponed to the following meeting but I managed to confuse and confuddle the group with my rather hard BBC Sherlock quiz, of which there are 100 questions (I only read out 10 and that was quite enough of a challenge in the end!).

Trevor Hancock brought some books along from his impressive Baker Street Library and although he didn’t give the full talk he’d been planning to, some of the collection was passed around for us to look at.

Aside from this, the remainder of the day passed in a rather informal manner. Drink and food were plentiful, and the conversation varied from Sherlock Holmes to Star Wars to horror movies and then back to Sherlock Holmes again. I left just after 4pm to brave the snow again and trapse across town back to the train station where thankfully, the trains to Manchester were all running smoothly.

We haven’t decided on a date for the next meeting yet because as we weren’t a full group we didn’t think it was fair to make a unilateral decision. We’ll be communicating by telegram and pigeon to arrange the next one and I’ll post it up on here as soon as we have.