I met up for lunch today in Manchester with respected Sherlockian friend and fellow Scandalous Bohemian Trevor Hancock. He has a wonderful and extensive Baker Street Library and I knew he would be the man to ask when it came to tracking down a copy of the print of the Reichenbach Falls Jeremy Brett’s Holmes has over the mantelpiece in the Granada series.

At the last SB meeting he showed me a picture of it he has in a book. It’s actually called “Upper Cascade of the Reichenbach” and it’s by an artist named W H Bartlett. Obviously, I really want a framed picture of it for my flat (my mini 221B) and Trevor recommended a printers in Manchester he had been to before where we could take the book and get it blown up and printed.

I live in Manchester anyway and Trevor was coming over for a few days so this was all arranged. We met at 11am as agreed, in the Sherlock Holmes section of Waterstones on Deansgate. It was all very cloak and dagger, as all good mysteries should be, and I made sure I took the third cab not the first or second that presented itself, the back entrance so as not to be spotted and my trusty service revolver concealed about my person. The game was afoot.

We made our way to the said printers to find it was closed. Not deterred, we conferred with members of the Baker Street Irregulars by pigeon and telegram and were soon on our way to second printers, then a third, then a fourth. We actually went to five printers in total, to find they were all closed. There were a further two printers that had mysteriously disappeared when we arrived at their addresses and no sign of them was to be seen.

We were aware of dark forces at work and the sinister presence of the ever pervading Professor Moriarty instantly sprang to mind. This was his doing for certain! Baffled by this unsolved case, we retired for lunch and a hearty Sherlockian debate. We shall try again on Monday.