After our failure to locate any open printing shops on a Saturday in Manchester, Trevor and I met up again yesterday (Monday 8th), to see if we would have any better luck.

I had been informed by Trevor that it was Eric Porter’s birthday (Moriarty in the Granada series for those that don’t know…ie. me before I looked it up on the internet, even though he’s my favourite Moriarty). We hoped that the spirit of Eric might be with us, and help guide us to a successful end to our adventure and indeed, we were in luck, the original closed printing shop we went to on Deansgate was now open and after some discussion over the rare and precious value of the book and explaining to the kind printing man what we wanted doing, we left it in their capable hands and were told to come back in an hour.

With some time to kill, we ended up at the John Rylands Library, a place I’d never been to before despite living in Manchester and having grown up here. It was an absolutely fantastic building and we spent a pleasant half hour wandering round and letting our imaginations run riot as we thought up all kinds of cases fitting to our great detective that could be set right there in the library. After ogling at some really old books and walking as silently as possible through the Diogones Club section, we headed back over to the printers where our Reichanbach Falls posters were now ready.

We were both incredibly pleased and excited by how they’d turned out, and were incredibly good value too at just over £12 each. I can’t wait to get it framed and up on my wall…just another step towards Baker Street-ing my flat.