On 28th February I found myself in London and decided to google whether there was anything Sherlock Holmes related going on in the city that evening. To my surprise and pleasure, I discovered that there was a play being performed at the Pleasance Theatre called The Final Revelation of Sherlock Holmes, written by Tim Norton and produced by theatre company Let Them Call It Mischief.

The play ran from 11th February to 2nd March and on the night I went it was a packed out full house. I hope that was indicitave of their entire run because it was a wonderful production and they really did deserve the audiences, as far as I was concerned.

It was a two hander with Nico Lennon as Holmes and James McGregor as Watson, set entirely in the living room of 221B Baker Street for both acts, and it managed to not only sustain my interest, but surprise me and make me laugh too.

At first glance, the plot seemed fairly self explanatory and not particularly that original, with Holmes admitting to having killed someone out of boredom and because he believes he is the only one in the world who can commit the perfect crime; a crime that is entirely unsolvable, a crime where no one even realises it has happened and no one ever will. There have certainly been plays before with a darker Holmes as the main criminal at the heart of the mystery but this kept you guessing right to the end with the final reveal of who it was he had killed – an enjoyable and clever twist that I didn’t see coming until about fifteen minutes before it was announced, and that was possibly only because I have a more in depth knowledge of Holmes than some others in the audience.

It was the type of play that keeps you talking and thinking about it long after you’ve left the theatre, going back through certain moments in your mind with fresh knowledge in the light of the twist. Hopefully it will get another run at some point as it really was a rather delightful play.