My Sherlockian Biography

I’m 26 years old and I first became interested in Sherlock Holmes when I was 12 and I saw the Basil Rathbone adaptation of “Hound of the Baskervilles” on television.

My mother saw me watching it, informed me there was a book of it. I then bought said book and was further informed by my school friend’s father – who turned out to be a massive Sherlockian – that there was in fact a whole load of books and short stories available to me. He gave me my first ever copy of the canon which I read and for the next year or so was massively into Holmes.

I got my parents to take me to the museum in London where I purchased a deerstalker and magnifying glass. I desperately wanted a pipe, but I wasn’t allowed. I then proceeded to act out all the stories in school and make up my own, often attempting to involve my friends who had no interest or knowledge of Holmes and generally just thought I was rather weird.

As I was young and discovering new things all the time, I eventually moved onto something else and my interest in Holmes waned. In the last year, however, it has been completely and utterly rekindled with an altogether new vigour thanks to the BBC’s adaptation “Sherlock.”

I didn’t watch the first series when it came out, as I was sceptical and scathing about the idea of a modern Holmes, but after being persuaded by my parents to watch the second series I was completely hooked and it led me to rediscover all the old joys of being a Sherlockian. I dug out my dusty copy of the canon, rewatched the Basil Rathbone movies and discovered for the first time the Jeremy Brett series – which I never got round to watching when I was a kid – as well as a plethora of other adaptations and books.

I’ve made friends in the Sherlockian community, attended meet ups, dressed up as the characters, spent a lot more money than I should have, bought books, DVDs, computer games, joined the Sherlock Holmes Society, created my own BBC Sherlock message board and a Sherlock roleplay forum, spent way too much time on the internet, and had an amazing, brilliant time whilst doing it, and I continue to do so.