We had nearly a full house of attendees on Saturday with the only apologies being from Tim, John and Matthew.

The theme was Sherlock Holmes and Disguise, as such, we had some fantastic efforts at dressing up, including the full Empty House book sellers outfit from Kevin, complete with sunglasses and white stick and ridiculous accent. Nat came with a home made priest dog collar, Mellers was the loafer from the Beryl Coronet and I came as the French waiter disguise as seen recently in Series 3 of BBC’s Sherlock.

After drinks and socialising, we began the more “serious” part of the meeting with a talk from Trevor around the theme of disguise (as indeed, all of the day’s talks were). He started by filling us in on how, as a professional actor, his interest first began as a child who enjoyed dressing up and portraying different characters. This was then linked in to the common belief that Holmes had some background in the field of acting and that he was himself, a great performer. The type of items he might have had to aid with his various disguises were then discussed and Trevor showed us all his treasure trove of a box, containing many of these aforementioned goodies, including noses of various sizes, moustaches, beards and so on.


The second talk was delivered by David who again brought up the idea of Holmes being an actor only this time, went into further depth discussing the various examples that are proof of his excellence in the field and his many and varied disguises, why he chose to use them at certain moments and what this might say about his personality and his flair for the dramatic.

The third talk came from Paul, who led us specifically into the realms of A Scandal In Bohemia and the disguises that are utilised throughout that case from both Holmes and the King of Bohemia himself. At one point he was fully disguised in a mask and speaking as the King, much to everyone’s amusement.

Finally, Mellers and I got up and performed a little take on the Sherlock and John reunion scene from The Empty Hearse (Sherlock, BBC). Seeing as I already had the disguise on, I did my best worst French accent and fooled around as Sherlock whilst Mellers did a grand job being my John even though I couldn’t see a damn thing through her glasses. It was great fun.

Once again, really enjoyed my day with the SBs, particularly my argument with Trevor about Elementary vs Sherlock.

There were lots of pictures taken and hopefully I will be able to get some more up soon.